Monday 2 August 2021
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Bookmarks: Monday 9 August, 2021

Apparently the Olympic Games have been on for the last couple of weeks. Who knew? If I had to stop reading to watch Games coverage, well, I wouldn’t be able to read. Not by the time I do everything else that needs doing. What to do? Skip the Games and keep reading of course.

Currently reading

Born Into This, a collection of short stories by Tasmania based Australian author Adam Thompson.

ABC best new books for August

No book prize shortlists for fiction titles were announced last week (I don’t think), but not to worry, the ABC published its monthly list of suggested titles. It’s a mixed bag, fiction, non-fiction, and a collection of short stories.

Screen adaptation of Days of Abandonment halted

In a set-back to the local film industry, American actor Natalie Portman has withdrawn her participation from the screen production of Days of Abandonment, based on the novel of the same name by Italian author Elene Farrante. As a result, work on the project has come to a complete halt. Filming of some scenes had apparently been slated to take place on Woollahra’s leafy Queen Street. Portman, who has been residing in Vaucluse, in Sydney’s east for some time, remains tight lipped about the decision.

A blow also to fans of Farrante’s work, who doubtless were looking forward to the production. As a consolation, a TV series adaptation of The Lying Life of Adults is in progress. Fingers crossed we’ll see that on screens at some point.

Reviewed last week

Last week I wrote reviews for two books, Lucky’s by Andrew Pippos, and The Reluctant Spy, by Holly Kerr Forsyth. If you’ve read either of titles, let me know what you thought.

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