Bookmarks: Monday 30 August, 2021
Book Marks

Bookmarks: Monday 30 August, 2021

Hope you had a great week last week. Mine zipped by. It was Monday, then suddenly Friday afternoon arrived, and it was time to pack up for the weekend. So here we are again, it’s Monday, time to start all over again.

Currently reading

Present Tense: A Schalk Lourens Mystery, by Natalie Conyer.

Read the books great authors like to re-read

There are about a gazillion unread books in the world, so revisiting titles I’ve already read seems like an indulgence to say the least. That doesn’t stop some of the world’s best writers doing just that though. So here you are, a list of books prominent authors such as Evelyn Araluen, and Tony Birch, like to re-read regularly.

Short book reading suggestions

Right, so keeping on top of the to-be-read list is all about time management. I try to read in the evening, and when I’m working from home, I book in another hour during the afternoon. Still, it can be a struggle. Maybe then reading short books is the idea? And right on cue Keeping Up With The Penguins publishes a list of fifteen short books, with no more than two-hundred-and-twenty pages, for the time-poor book reader.

Reviewed last week

The Earth Does Not Get Fat, by Julia Prendergast, and Born Into This, by Adam Thompson, were reviewed here last week.