Love, Rosie (by Cecelia Ahern) cover
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Love, Rosie by Cecelia Ahern

It was the plot of Love, Rosie (published by Hachette Books, 2004) by prolific Irish author Cecelia Ahern, that made me blink. Star-crossed lovers deemed (by fate?) to be an item, who find themselves struggling to connect on account of myriad forces apparently working against them (by fate?), in a story spanning decades.

Not that we’d know anything about such things here at Short List Books. Yet the latest feature in our book cover review series seems to have as many cover designs as it does titles. Love, Rosie is also known as Where Rainbows End in Ireland, where the novel was written and set, and Rosie Dunne in the United States.

Of all the cover designs though, this iteration would be the one I like more. I’m not sure though I’ll get a chance to read the novel, if you saw the size of my to-read list, you’d know what I mean. But the book was adapted to film in 2014, so I’ll add the title to my (slightly shorter) to-see movie list instead.