The Uninhabitable Earth book cover
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The Uninhabitable Earth, by David Wallace-Wells

It may be non-fiction and therefore a little outside our usual remit, but the cover of The Uninhabitable Earth (published by Penguin Random House, in 2020) by David Wallace-Wells, a writer for New York Magazine, is another fine example of cover design, while the subject matter is too important to shy away from.

Farhad Manjoo, writing for the New York Times, described Wallace-Wells’ title as “the most terrifying book I have ever read“. But the dread begins the instant you look at the book’s minimal yet stark cover, and your eyes find the inert, collapsed, bee. Declines in bee populations – particularly bumble bees as they struggle to find cooler habitats, as a consequence of climate change – have caused alarm in the scientific community.

From what I can find, the cover of Wallace-Wells’ book was created by Richard Green, who I believe is a designer based in the United Kingdom. If there are three key facets book cover design needs to satisfy, that is capture the essence of the book, be original, and be noticeable, then here is a cover that meets those benchmarks.