Once There Were Wolves book cover
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Once There Were Wolves, by Charlotte McConaghy

Once There Were Wolves (published by Penguin Books Australia, 2021) is the second novel of Sydney based Australian writer Charlotte McConaghy. Twin sisters Inti and Aggie travel from Alaska to Scotland to assist biologists reintroduce gray wolves into areas of the Highlands. Locals however are not happy to see them, fearing the wolves will be more trouble than they’re worth.

But seeding the remote hills with wolves isn’t the only reason the sisters have come to Scotland. They’re hoping to put their turbulent past behind them and make a new start. But when a farmer is murdered, Inti’s life begins to unravel again after she comes to suspect the man she has taken a romantic interest in may be the killer.

If Once There Were Wolves is a story of mystery and murder, then the cover aptly sets the tone. I sense the presence of more than only wolves in that thicket. But the cover also hints at the sisters’ upbringing, when they would stay with their father who lived in a forest region. Here is another novel I am looking forward to reading.