Love in Lockdown, by Chloe James book cover
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Love in Lockdown, by Chloe James

We’ll always have Facetime. So near yet so far. Here are some of the ideas that are apparent on the book cover of Love in Lockdown (published by Avon Books, 2021), the second novel by British author Chloe James, though her first book, The Jane Austen Dating Agency, was published under her actual name, Fiona Woodifield.

Sophia and Jack live in the same apartment block, although they have never met. Sophia has recently left her boyfriend, and is looking forward to going out and meeting someone new. Jack likes being active, and living life to the full. Both are frustrated when the spread of Covid forces them into lockdown, and unable to leave the house.

But while Sophia and Jack cannot see each other, the balcony of her apartment is directly below his, they strike up conversation one evening. And despite the sight unseen nature of their rapport, romance develops. So, will something come of their attraction? Love in Lockdown is a story for the times, and is perhaps a reminder that what we’re looking for may be much closer than we think.