Like Life, by Lorrie Moore book cover
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Like Life, by Lorrie Moore

Here’s a question, where were you in 1990? If you recall the beginning of the final decade of the last century, and millennium, (yes I know, some people might say that was actually 1991), do you also recall the publication of Like Life (published by Vintage/Penguin Random House, 1990), a collection of eight stories by American author Lorrie Moore?

The eight short stories, variously described as witty, poignant, and sarcastic, tell of ordinary people who find themselves in perhaps not so commonplace circumstances. A woman unable to choose between two lovers. A would-be playwright who has spent years working on his first production. Someone who prefers his answer machine (how 1990?) take his phone calls instead of him.

Ok, so maybe one or two of these situations aren’t so alien after all. They’re like life. But what does this book cover say to you? The scene depicted looks a place of serenity. Somewhere you can go and gather your thoughts if you find yourself in some sort of quandary. I’m drawn in by the stark beauty on show, and probably tempted enough to read these stories.