From Where I Fell, by Susan Johnson book cover
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From Where I Fell, by Susan Johnson

I came for the book cover, was hooked by the premise. That’s From Where I Fell (published by Allen & Unwin, March 2021), by Susan Johnson, an Australian writer currently based in the Greek Islands. But first the artwork, designed by Sandy Cull. A smorgasbord of colour. Tell me how anyone could miss seeing a cover like that sitting on the shelf at the bookshop.

And then there’s the premise. Pamela, a woman living in Australia, is surprised to discover an email intended for her ex-husband, ended up in the in-box of Chrisanthi, a teacher living in the US state of New York. But the slip-up goes on to precipitate an exchange of messages between the pair. While perhaps quite different people, both women are at a turning point in their lives, and find in each other find someone they can confide in.

The book poses a latter day conundrum though. If an old-fashion letter arrived at your place addressed to someone else, surely you’d simply return it to the sender. But what about a misdirected email? Would you read the entire message first, or would you shoot back a reply pointing out the error, the instant you realised it was for someone else?